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Winning Mood has it's origin, because of the idea in the late 80’s, to apply the WM vision in educating players and coaches in the USA. Some students of the CIOS Arnhem (where undersigned was working at that time) went to the USA after their studies and this created the interest to go see how soccer was experienced and how trainers approach the training of players. At that moment the idea was born to get the American players and coaches acquainted with the way training and coaching was "taught" by Winning Mood in the Netherlands.

By organizing soccer camps and coaching courses, the WM vision about training and coaching has been spread in the USA since 1986. The success of this method led to receiving invitations to appear as a guest speaker or guest trainer at conventions of the NSCAA, State and youth conventions.

In the late 90s, a number of new projects were started in the USA and Canada such as providing clubs full-time coaches and the organization of trips for coaches, teams and individual players. In addition, invitations were received to carry out the WM vision in countries such as Kenya, India, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia and England.

In 2007 Jeroen de Hoop joined the board after working as staff coach for many years. There are a number of activities in the Netherlands and abroad that are offered such as: youth and senior tournaments, soccer camps and courses at clubs like the technique course "Master the ball" and winter soccer camps in Turkey.

Since 2017 Jeroen is the owner of Winning Mood and Ton de Hoop senior advisor.

In 2010 hockey was added to our program, co-initiated by Marc Lammers. Providing training outside the Netherlands and organizing trips to the Netherlands are our focus points.

At last, we would like to mention the possibility for individual players from outside the Netherlands to play in the Dutch league and train at a club of their level, but also for foreign coaches to deepen in ‘the Dutch way’ of  training and coaching.

Jeroen de Hoop

Director Winning Mood