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Master the ball

A unique concept to stay on top of the opponent

Winning Mood’s most popular program is “Master the ball”. A program that focuses on ball control and being successful in 1 VS 1.Master the ball 01

The 2 major principles of “Master the ball” are:

  1. 4 group of moves to stay in ball control
  2. the “Winning Nine steps”.

 1: the 4 group of moves

If a young player wants to outplay his opponent with one of the moves a top player uses to outplay his opponent, he will hardly be successful ever. He has no ball control, sees nothing else than the ball and running into a opponent scares him. He just runs as far as he can and than probably looses the ball.

It would be  great if he can stay in possession of the ball.

Success in “staying in ball control” is the key in the program.

Group  1: back moves

To stay in ball control we developed for the very young inexperienced player the first groups of moves: the back moves, moves to get a away from the opponent.

Group 2: side moves

The more experienced the player gets, the more ball control he will have, the more we can teach him to stay in ball control while facing the opponent: side moves, moves to go to the left or right while a opponent is coming in.

Group 3: fakesMaster the ball 02

Next group of moves are the fakes, not only going to the left or right while you run into a opponent, but bringing the opponent out of balance by using a fake.

Group 4:besating opponents

The last group of moves consists out of moves which make it possible for a player to outplay his opponent in 1 VS 1.  

At least 5 moves in every group will be presented in our program and will be instructed with the left and the right foot. Finally a player will decide which moves he likes most. Those are the moves he probably he will also use in the real game.

2: the “Winning Nine Steps”.

How can we find a way to be sure that a player, after teaching him the moves, is able to use these moves in the real game?

“The Winning Nine Steps” method starts simply with slowly showing the moves to the players in a organization that gives the players time and space to perform the move and ends up in the most difficult situation to use the moves: the smallest real game 4 VS 4.

Step 1: all players a ball in the length of the field

Step 2: all players a ball in the open space

Step 3: all players a ball in defined space

Step 4: with 2 or 3 players

Master the ball 03

Step 5: with a group of players

Step 6: in combination with passing and one two combination

Step 7: in combination with scoring

Step 8: in position games

Step 9: in small sided scrimmages

In our program “Master the ball” two things come together: working with “easy” moves to keep possession of the ball till outplaying the opponent in 1 VS 1, and teaching the move(s) in the most easiest situation till performing these moves in the most difficult one: “the real game”.

Coach programs: “Master the ball”

  1. “Master the ball” coach: 1 day , 2 sessions of 2 ½ hours
  2. “Master the ball” master: ½ dayAfter camp
  3. “Master the ball” instructor: 1 day, 2 sessions of 2 hours (only by invitation)  

Player program: “Master the ball”

4 day program of 2 x 2 ½ hours per day (Monday thru Thursday).

Open for groups with a minimum of 12 players. 

For more information you can contact us.

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