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Vision in training and coaching

Philosophy Winning Mood 
Winning Mood's philosophy is the believe that soccer players should be able to show their skills and knowledge of the game in a soccer match. They need to learn what, when and how to manage soccer situations. If a coach is able to effectively and confidently communicate soccer situations to the soccer players, they are capable of a great contribution in the success of their team.

In practice.

Being able to master the ball and having tactical ability have priority in the learning process of a player. The exercises that Winning Mood uses are based on 20 years of work experience as teachers in the training circuit in the Netherlands, but also on the very intensive cooperation at the start of Wiel Coerver's program and the experiences gained abroad. Coaches who we have (partly) trained in this way have been successful in the Netherlands but also abroad. In addition, more than 100 clubs worldwide have embraced the WM philosophy and are very positive about it: players have more fun and have become better, coaches have deepened their knowledge and most important: teams became more successful.

 The 4 pillars:

The 4 pillars on which the WM philosophy is based are:

  1. The phase structure of Dr. Kurt Dietrich: what do we offer our players and at what stage of their development do we offer it.
  2. Technical curriculum based on the “Master the ball” method and the principles of Wiel Coerver.
  3. Tactical curriculum based on the method of the KNVB and CIOS Arnhem.
  4. Situational leadership of dr. Paul Hersey, a method to develop the personality of players so that they maximize contribution to their team in making the right tactical decisions in the field.

These four pillars include an overall perspective on training and coaching of players in each age category at every level and are therefore the principles of the method of Winning Mood.

Ton and Jeroen de Hoop